Dear Austin Rotary Club Members and Friends,
Speechless is not usually a word used to describe me, and yet that is the best way to describe my surprise and humility at receiving your recognition. It was an honor to be given a Paul Harris Fellow and it was an additional delight to be presented the award by District Governor Karel. But, those honors aside, it was the kind words of President Duane, the actions of the Austin Rotary Club Board of Directors and the support from the members that took my breath (and words) away. Thank you.
Yes, I am included in an article in The Rotarian Magazine, and yes, I have worked diligently and passionately to accomplish the things I have accomplished, however, none of this happens in a vacuum and none of this would have happened if not for the support of the club and the members. Only a few people can undertake this kind of trip, but we cannot do it without the support and contributions of the thousands of people whom we represent. And that, my friends, is the part that made me speechless.
My passion for international development is fueled in part by your confidence and support in my representation of you. This could not be accomplished without the willingness of the Austin Club to say yes, let’s try this, let’s give, let’s support, let’s make a difference. Sponsoring this kind of grant starts with a “YES” and the Austin Rotary Club has said yes over and over again and I am so proud to be just one of the many people both impacted and empowered to act as a result of that support.
The current literacy grant that will impact so many in Austin is another great example of how saying YES is a powerful method of leveraging the will and support of thousands to make a difference in the world, which includes our own backyard. Thank you for allowing me to represent you and for saying YES to making a difference in the world, none of this is possible without each and every one of you.
Warm Regards,